I have a funny (and personal) story for you …

As you might have noticed, this month I’ve been talking a lot about intuitive eating – basically, tuning into your body’s cues and eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full, and focusing on foods that make you feel great.

I wanted to share a quick story about my own experience. Now, this might not happen for you but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

For about 5 months, back when I lived in Lousiana, one of my favorite treats was beignets (a french donut). They are soft, delicious, melt-in-your mouth bites of amazingness. I’d get them hot, with powdered sugar.

I actually used to look forward to going out for beignets 1-2x a week.

But then I put myself through my own intuitive eating experiment.

I waited until I was physically hungry before eating them … and I stopped eating when I was comfortably full. And I also paid attention to how I felt AFTER I ate.

The AFTER part was especially eye-opening for me.

I realized I felt sluggish after. And I’d often get a tickly throat. Weird, right?

But at the moment, they tasted so good.

Or did they? I started tuning in to how I felt as I ate them, not just after.

Turns out, I really didn’t love my beignets so much.

Once I had keyed into my body’s signals, I found that the beignets didn’t taste as good as I had led myself to believe, especially if I ate them when I wasn’t hungry.

I WANTED to like them, but I just didn’t enjoy them as much as I thought. Talk about a mixed blessing!

I’m not saying I’ll never eat another one again.

But it’s just not worth eating them in large portions, and especially if I’m not hungry.

So, it’s becoming a matter of training myself to eat less of them (ie. split an order with my husband), and only eat them if I really want to, and only if I have room for them after eating something healthy.

I enjoy them so much more this way!

And I feel physically better.

It’s valuable to pay attention to the cues your body gives you in the moment and hours after you eat.

You might notice that some foods make you feel crampy or tired or fuzzy-headed, while others give you even more energy. What foods make you feel great? What foods don’t?

→ Paying attention to your body and KNOWING which foods make you feel good and which ones DON’T is one of the most valuable aspects of intuitive eating.

If you spend a minute journaling about what you’re eating and how you feel after, (food and mood journal), it could potentially change your LIFE.

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