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Coaching Programs

The Transformer Program is an intense, personalized, 90-day rapid weight loss and nutrition coaching program.​ It teaches you how to lose weight and keep it off through nutrition education and behavior change. It is available 3x a year and you must apply to get in.

This program uses Adele’s higher-calorie, muscle-sparing protocol. It can be done with hCG or without (results are the same).

This comprehensive weight loss program is most suited for people who have done multiple rounds of hCG or multiple diets, only to gain the weight back. If you’re ready for deep transformational work, and want to get at the root cause of why you can’t lose weight and keep it off, this is the most comprehensive program you’ll find.

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This program runs 3x a year. 

The Transformer Program

Weekly group calls, weekly lessons, home workout, diet and maintenance plans, and a personal coach

The N-E-W You Program is 12 weeks long. We offer 2 versions:

1. The N-E-W You Diet Program. This is private diet coaching with customized macros and nutrition advice.

2. The N-E-W You Combo Program. This is a complete online coaching experience that includes a customized diet plan and a personalized strength training program to help you reach your goals.

Work one-on-one with your own coach. Weekly group calls are included. You can renew as often as you like. Click here to learn more.

This program runs year-round! Join anytime (subject to coach availability).

The N-E-W You Program

Customized nutrition + A personalized coach + Weekly group calls

If nutrition science and intuitive eating had a baby, it would be called Informed Eating!⁠

Informed Eating is a 12-week nutrition and wellness coaching program that uses Intuitive Eating principles to remove the anxiety and obsession of tracking when it comes to managing your weight. It uses a phased approach to help you transition off of macro counting into healthy eating habits that respect your personal preferences.⁠

The goal is to help you maintain your weight with confidence without tracking your food, following a rigid meal plan, or yo-yo dieting.

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The Informed Eating Program

Intuitive Eating + Nutrition Science

Do-it-Yourself Courses

eat for your goals

Eat For Your Goals Course

A Crash Course in Macros, Flexible Dieting, and Nutrition

Eat For Your Goals is a 1-hour crash course in macros and nutrition to help you get started with flexible dieting: THE RIGHT WAY.

Flexible Dieting can be used to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. You don’t have to be an athlete or bodybuilder to benefit from Flexible Dieting. In fact, it is a style of eating that is gaining great popularity because it is so flexible. It opens up food choices, and studies have shown that a less restrictive way of eating is more sustainable and enjoyable in the long run. Flexible Dieting decreases the risk of overeating or binging, and actually promotes better diet adherence.

body recomp guide

Recomp Guide and Course

A 6 step, NO-BS guide & course on how to lose fat and build muscle.

Want to drop fat and build muscle at the same time? It’s called Body Recomposition. This guide will cut through all the BS and pseudo-science about recomping in less time than it takes you to make a cup of coffee.

You’ll get one email a day, which includes more detail about each of the 6 steps mentioned in the guide, followed by a video series and some bonus resources so you have total clarity on what you need to do to achieve your goals.

We wrap up the course with a 6-part video series on Body Recomposition.