Meet the Team

Building bodies through better coaching and education!


I’m Adele, the woman-in-charge at Adele Frizzell LLC and head coach of The Transformer Program. I live in Idaho, where I spend nearly every weekend doing outdoorsy things in the mountains.

As far as professional credentials, I’m an MNU Certified Nutritionist, and an ACE-certified Health Coach with a specialty in Weight Management. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, and I’ve written 4 self-help books.

My bucket list item is to build a kick-ass home gym one day!

Adele Frizzell, Idaho

Coach and CEO

Hi! I’m Tiffany, NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and I coach the N-E-W You Program, Informed Eating Program, and Transformer Program here at Adele Frizzell LLC.

I live in Eastern Tennessee and I am fortunate enough to have the Great Smoky Mountains practically in my backyard. I love hiking, biking and exploring nature.

My bucket list item is to road trip across the US with my family, stopping at every state to hike or visit a major landmark.

Tiffany Buck, Tennessee


Admin Services

Hi! I’m Joan,

I’m admin support for the team at Adele Frizzell, LLC. I live in the Philippines, and I’m an advocate for health and fitness. I love snorkeling and hiking with my 3 kids. My bucket list is to compete in the Spartan race, and to set up a health-food store.
Joan Nuenay, Phillipines

Administrative Assistant