Happy Clients

I was heavy and couldn’t lose weight on my own. I needed motivation and accountability as well as guidance on how to eat correctly. With Adele’s help, I progressed very well and lost 15 pounds. I achieved my goal weight in only 8 weeks and I fit in jeans I hadn’t worn in five years! Adele gave me the kickstart I needed to feel better. (I’ve since gone on to lose another 10 pounds on my own, and I now weigh what I weighed in university but with more muscle!) I definitely recommend Adele’s services to anyone who wants to lose weight, get strong, and feel great. Adele is positive, gives really good feedback, and is a great role model. Her approach to weight loss is healthy and safe.

Barb F

Lost 25 pounds

I ate healthy but I still couldn’t lose weight. I thought my metabolism was broken but with Adele’s help, I’ve lost 60 pounds. I’m blown out of the water with how much I’ve learned. In the beginning, there was some stubbornness on my part (and some resistance to change) but as I began to trust Adele, she helped me not only with weight loss, but also feeling comfortable with setting personal boundaries with people, instead of allowing fat to be the boundary. I’ve learned so much about myself, including my food sensitivities, and also about the “hunger ghosts”. For the first time, I no longer fear regaining all the weight – Adele has given me the tools to know just what to do to keep the weight off. Adele’s knowledge is incredible and I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to lose weight or get fit and/or healthy. I’ve had so many non-scale victories along with the weight loss. I feel more confident than ever and my weight is the lowest it’s been for decades! After a ten year break, I’m working out at the gym again and lifting weights. I’m in my fifties and I feel unstoppable!

Cecilia G

Lost 60 pounds

Adele is genuinely passionate about wellness, optimizing health and creating meaningful relationships with those she serves. She is knowledgeable, reliable and positive. I found the video conferences and a commitment to actioning items on a weekly basis was immensely helpful and made me more accountable when it came to changing my habits. I was proud to report on moving forward with certain goals and appreciated talking through and strategizing the more difficult ones. I definitely pushed some boundaries, in a good way. I have recommended Adele’s services to a family member because I think everyone is worthy of feeling good in their skin, whatever that may look like for them.

Tina S

Healthier habits

I was feeling overwhelmed and generally unfit/unwell. I wanted to feel more fit, athletic, and confident. I lacked the tools and motivation to figure out what I needed to do to help myself. After 3 months with Adele, I now feel more in control of myself and my choices. I have discovered that what I eat (and how much) has a huge impact on my emotions and my ability to deal with issues that happen in life. I always felt like Adele was going above and beyond for me and it helped motivate me. Additionally, she didn’t make me feel like I did something wrong when I overate or had an off day. She was always very encouraging. Adele’s knowledge is extensive and I would recommend Adele to anybody who is actually ready to change their eating and food habits or struggles to lose weight. 

Kristie S

Lost 5 pounds and mountain bike racing!

It was December 2nd and I had just finished up phase 2 of HCG. I wanted to make it through the holidays without going crazy and destroying all my results. I also wanted to learn how to eat without yo-yo dieting and having to go back on HCG. I’ve done it about 5 times. After working with Adele, I feel like I won’t ever have to do another round of HCG again.
Adele has helped me to develop a healthier relationship with food. I have gotten away from the all or nothing mindset. If I get off track, I just get back on track without restricting. I’m able to eat chocolate and have treats on a regular basis. I enjoy a burger once a week, and I can come back from a “celebration” and get the weight back off.
I’m able to have carbs now, which makes me REALLY happy! For years, I rarely ate bread or fruit because I thought it would make me gain weight or lead to sugar binges. Now I enjoy all kinds of food, and I’m a lot happier now that I can eat like a ‘normal’ person. I have learned that moderation is better than restriction and I don’t need to go to extremes to manage my weight. I recommend Adele’s coaching to anyone who is looking to stop yo-yo dieting and get healthier and fitter. 
Kim S

Eating carbs, lifting weights, and staying lean!

I felt very overwhelmed about the information out there regarding fitness and nutrition. I was also at the point where I was ready to do another round of HCG and felt frustrated that it’s been a cycle and/or crutch for me in the past. I was tired of the diet cycle. Adele offered a way to break out of that cycle with her Transformer Program.

In the beginning, I hesitated to sign up for coaching because I don’t trust people easily. I was worried that it was going to be a waste of money. This was the first time I ever paid for a coach. I was worried Adele might be someone who pulled junk off the internet and wanted to cash in as an expert in “coaching”. I also wondered if I was actually going to be motivated to do the work? Was I going to be overwhelmed with information? Would we mesh?

Adele is truly passionate about what she does and it showed right away. She always provided great information, suggestions, and encouragement. I’m now able to eat out and have “treats” and not lose my mind when I see the scale fluctuate by a couple of pounds – I get back on track and watch my weight go back down.

I feel like I have the tools I need to be successful at maintaining my weight loss and a solid foundation for understanding food and nutrition. This program has made me more mindful about what I eat, how I feel and the decisions I’m making. I used to be very sedentary, and now I make sure I do some exercise every day. My eating and fitness habits have changed.

I recommend Adele’s services to anyone who is ready to cut through all the nutrition B.S. that’s out there and feel more in control of their health and food choices. She preaches moderation, not extremes, and tuning in and listening to yourself, and I believe this is the key to my progress.

Tracy J

New eating and fitness habits

I lost 24 pounds on the Transformer Program. My biggest breakthrough was developing a flexible mentality versus an all-or-nothing mentality. The program also got me off the couch and re-sparked my love of sports. I loved the personal one-on-one aspect and also how the focus is not just on nutrition but the person as a whole. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone that has decided to take a step into permanent change and not just lose weight for the season or a particular occasion. 

Kenya V

Lost 24 pounds and found her inner athlete

I have been dieting my entire life. I was put on diet pills when I was only 7-years-old. At one time, I owned a Jenny Craig franchise. You could say dieting has been a central theme in my life.

When I came to Adele, I was struggling with maintaining my weight and being obsessed with food and the number on the scale. I thought I could only eat 1250 calories a day, but now I’m maintaining my weight at 1700 calories. I also fit into my Size 4 jeans. This has been the longest period of time I’ve been able to maintain my weight.

Most importantly, for the first time in my life, I feel comfortable with the scale going up and down a couple of pounds. It used to be that if it went up a couple of pounds, it could ruin my day. If the number on the scale went down, it was a good day. Now, I’m no longer a slave to the scale. I still weigh myself daily, but I understand and accept that daily fluctuations are normal.

I also had a fear of getting back in the gym after bodybuilding 10 years ago. I’m now lifting weights 3x a week and walking every day. Adele helped ease me into more activity and created a new weight training program for me so I don’t feel like it’s too much exercise.

The Transformer Program has given me more peace and freedom. Adele is such a great cheerleader, I recommend her coaching to anyone who is struggling to lose weight and keep it off.

Debbie W

No longer afraid of the scale!

I was struggling with my weight. I knew I could lose it on the HCG Diet but I didn’t have the tools to keep it off and maintain my weight after the diet ended. I wanted those tools and knowledge and I got them from Adele. I am extremely confident I can keep the weight off and lose more if I want.

I have a new mindset of how to eat and handle eating while on the go or dealing with life stressors. It has truly been a blessing not to be afraid of certain foods anymore thinking I would gain weight if I ate them. What Adele taught me has changed my mindset and lifestyle for the good.  

Stephanie S

A new mindset!

I was very frustrated with my weight and my health when I came to Adele. The Transformer Program has really changed my habits. I never really knew what to eat. I thought I was eating healthy but was actually undernourished and unaware. I also thought doing yoga was enough exercise.

I’m eating carbs now, moving more, and sleeping better. I lost 12 pounds and lots of inches around my hips and belly. I’ve held my weight for 12 weeks which is tremendous. My husband says I look great. 

Trudy B

Educated and empowered!

When I found Adele, I was working out 6 days a week & not losing any weight.

This program has been a complete game-changer for me. 

I still can’t believe I lost weight without starving myself, feeling run down & irritable.

I lost 20 pounds in total and now understand what it takes to achieve this goal & keep the weight off.

There are so many lifestyle factors when it comes to weight loss; not just a calorie deficit. One of my biggest breakthroughs was learning how to fuel myself properly, and this includes eating carbohydrates before and after a workout. I am averaging 4 workouts a week now & feel pretty good.

Breakfast does not consist of just coffee anymore. I’m making good choices while allowing myself to eat things that were once “forbidden”. I’m no longer fearful of carbs. I also feel good about myself that I am in control & can say yes or no to some type of food. Food is not controlling me.

The process of The Transformer Program is top-notch! Adele jumps right in but it wasn’t overwhelming. Each week was a new lesson; not just learning about weight loss but learning about myself.

I have recommended Adele’s coaching to a friend and will continue to refer clients to her because I believe in her as she has believed in me!

Julie F

A complete game-changer!