I’ve got a FUN experiment for you to try today.

It’s an empowering little exercise that’ll end your day on a confidence-building high note.

At night, most of the time we’re looking ahead at all of the things we need to get done, and rarely take a few minutes to actually reflect on the day.

We’re always in the “what’s next” mode, which often leads to anxiety and stress! Let’s break out of that cycle and reconnect with your body and yourself with a new exercise.

It’s powerful stuff and comes from Jack Canfield, the author behind the Chicken Soup series of inspirational books.

The perfect time to do this is after you’ve finished your nighttime routine – washed your face, brush your teeth, etc.

All you have to do is look in the mirror and say to yourself – OUT LOUD! – how much you appreciate everything you accomplished during the day.

Sounds weird, right? I know, but it’s NOT…. keep reading.

I’m talking about EVERYTHING, from the little things (making dinner, walking the dog, choosing the apple instead of the cookie, handling a parenting situation well) to the biggest things (finishing a work project, tackling a chore you’ve been dreading, etc.).

If it’s something that makes you feel good about yourself, SAY IT OUT LOUD. And then thank yourself for doing it!

And when you’re done, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself: “I LOVE YOU.”

Yes, you might feel a little silly or awkward the first few times you do this exercise. And chances are you’ll want to do this when you’re alone.

But trust me: you’ll notice a real difference in your life and your confidence if you start doing this every night.

Try this as an experiment for ONE WEEK, and see if you notice a change in your confidence and self-esteem! And also how it shifts how you look at your daily activities.

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Going to give this a try? Share with us in the comments below what you’re appreciative of today. 😊

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