Practice may not lead to perfection but it does lead to proficiency.

The more you practice something, the more natural it will feel over time.

You don’t think about brushing your teeth anymore, because it’s automatic and ingrained through years of practice.

In fact, NOT brushing your teeth probably feels wrong.

(But I’ll bet that when you were a kid, and first forming your new tooth-brushing habit, you probably hated doing it. It wasn’t fun, so you resisted it.)

Just about anything can become a habit with enough training and repetition.

We all have good habits and bad habits and they feel “normal” to us only because we’ve been doing them for so long.

Practiced enough times, a habit will become automatic and natural. In fact, NOT doing it will feel wrong.

This goes for drinking more water, eating more vegetables, exercising regularly, or learning a new skill. It’s all hard in the beginning. Forming a new habit requires dedication and concentration. Over time, it becomes easier and requires less mental effort. A sense of mastery and ease results.

You CAN develop new taste buds, learn to crave exercise, become fitter, healthier, smarter and happier, one new behavior at a time. It just takes practice.

So…What new habit can you get started on today?

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What’s one new habit you’ve started lately? We’d love to hear from you!

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