This is one of my all-time favorite “quick-energy” hacks!

It always makes me feel good, it’s simple, it’s fun, and it works! And I am 99.999999% sure it will make you feel the same way.

Do you have a song that you ab-so-lutely love?

Like, if you were an MMA fighter or an actor making the rounds on talk shows, you’d choose it as your walk-on song?

(I have several. Here’s one that gets me pumped for big lifts at the gym: Bodies by Drowning Pool)

What are a couple of your favorites?

Now, I want you to try an experiment. The next time you’re feeling tired and blah, crank up one of those songs.


Scientists have found that music can activate a region of the brain – located in your prefrontal cortex – that suppresses fatigue.

And what’s more, studies have long shown that upbeat music can actually help you work out harder and longer … without it feeling either longer or harder.

Pretty cool, right?

But this doesn’t only apply to your workouts. It can translate into the rest of your life, any time you need a little extra energy.

Note: This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest when your body is truly tired. It’s a useful tool, though, when you feel laggy.

So what are a few of YOUR favorite songs?! Comment below – I might add them to my playlist!

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