Have you ever been here before?

Something sparked you to set a new health and fitness goal that you were REALLY excited about. 

Maybe you: 

  • stepped on the scale after the holidays 
  • had a big event coming up (reunion, wedding, vacation, etc.)
  • were unhappy with the results from your latest doctor’s visit
  • watched an inspiring movie … or were wowed by someone else’s transformation
  • or even had some kind of wake-up call

So you committed to clean up your eating, start exercising, and/or make some BIG CHANGES when it comes to your self-care.

And then you go at it … HARD! 

And things are going great. 

But then something unexpected pops on your schedule …. or you eat a little “off your plan” … or you skip a workout ….

And that one miss turns into another, and another, and another. 

And before you know it, you’re completely off track and upset at yourself.

A few weeks or months (or even years) go by, until the next time you find yourself back on that very same rollercoaster ride.

It can be a really painful and frustrating cycle to get stuck in. 

But, I do have some really good news. 

It makes perfect sense that you kept falling off track … because it’s almost impossible for ANYONE to keep up that level of intensity and still live a normal life!

Don’t get me wrong: Having a new wellness goal is FANTASTIC … and healthy!

But going too hard and too fast = burnout and disappointment.

It’s so much better to find a way to work on your goals that won’t drain as much time and energy from your everyday life.

In a way that sets you up for success, rather than sure failure.

PLUS, there’s a bonus: when you find a happy middle ground, you won’t find yourself on that confidence-sucking rollercoaster ride anymore. 

You know what this feels like. It’s when you catch yourself saying or thinking, “I tried my best and it didn’t work – again.” You feel like you’ve tried everything, only to be disappointed.

Finding this sustainable middle ground is key to your success … and something we actively work on with our clients. It IS possible to achieve amazing results without disrupting your entire routine, and it’s what we specialize in. 

Ditch the all-or-nothing, white knuckle, on again/off again merry-go-round routine.

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