Every once in a while I get a panicked email from someone who wants to “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” or “lose three dress sizes before their daughter’s wedding next month”.

Don’t get me wrong: Those are all important goals … but they absolutely are not possible (at least in a healthy and sustainable way) in only a month!

Plus, they are super punishing and create a ton of stress. You deserve more than that.

The fact is, there’s one sure way to get lasting results.

And that’s from being CONSISTENT with your habits over the long term.

I completely understand wanting something NOW – I’ve been there, done that! – but there is a better way.

A way that gives you energy … builds confidence … and leaves you feeling accomplished.

This is why I’ve been talking so much about setting concrete, fun, bite-sized goals.

They keep the consistency feeling fresh, while at the same time building all those habits in a way that creates lasting change, which is the very definition of winning.

Remember: the small actions you take every day have a LOT more impact on your fitness, health, and wellness than the big actions you take every once in a while.

Things like:

  • Choosing fruit/veggies instead of a brownie for your afternoon snack.
  • Creating a 20-30 minute daily fitness habit vs. trying to work out an hour a day and quitting when it gets too hard.
  • Sleeping 7-9 hours a day instead of 4-6 hours during the week and trying to catch up on the weekend.

Being consistent means you don’t have to panic about reaching a last-minute goal because you’ve created a lifestyle that supports your health & fitness.

Consistency isn’t something that happens all at once. As its name suggests, it’s something you phase in over time, in a way that works for your lifestyle.

Our NEW You Combo Program gives you a proven roadmap that helps create that consistency while helping you build a leaner, stronger body.

And it does it in a way that still lets you eat the foods you enjoy: that’s sustainable, doesn’t leave you feeling deprived, or wondering why you can’t ever seem to maintain your results.

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