Self-worth vs self-esteem. What is the difference?

They are often confused because they often work together. 

Briefly, they both affect how we think and feel about ourselves. High self-esteem means you have confidence in your abilities. A solid sense of self-worth is recognizing that you are a human being worthy of love and respect regardless of what you accomplish in life. 

“Self-esteem is a bit like walking down the street as if you owned it. Self-worth is walking down the street and not caring who owns it.” – John Niland

People with low self-esteem and self-worth tend to think negatively, not pursue goals, and struggle in relationships.

If you would like to raise your self-esteem, then I have a fun exercise for you. It works best if you follow every step and let your imagination fly.

1. Imagine you and I are having a chat exactly 12 months from today …

If you had your best 12 months EVER and stayed on track with your goals, what would you envision your health and fitness to look like? What are the exact goals you want to reach? Take a minute to think about them, and write them down.

2. Now, imagine how living that way will FEEL to you … what your days will look like … what your energy levels look like? What kind of new confidence will you have? How will you feel when you go out with your friends? Or in your relationships? Write it all down!

3. Next, once you have crystal clear clarity on what your 12-month goals are and how it feels, think about the DECISIONS you’re making 12 months from now. What choices are you making? How are you spending your time? How often are you working out? What are you doing for your nutrition? Write it down 🙂

4. And lastly, WHY WAIT 12 months to start making those decisions! If you want to create a new reality, you have to make different decisions TODAY.

EMBODY the person you will become in 12 months, and live as that person TODAY! It’s time to LIVE YOUR LIFE AS IF you have already reached those goals!

That’s the fastest and surest way to achieve your goals … spending your days as the person who already has achieved what you want.

And let me tell you, this is one of my most FAVORITE things to help people with.

If you need help with your goals and creating a personalized action plan to get there, we’re here for you! The N-E-W program is all about working one-on-one with a coach to change your Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness habits so you can feel leaner, stronger, and have more energy to crush your goals.

What do you think of this article? We’d love to know your thoughts and ideas too on what you want us to write about. 😀

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