Our clients are crushing it – and I couldn’t be more proud.

And you’re definitely going to want to pay attention because Laurie is going to share the main key to her success down below.

Meet Laurie – a former teacher turned consultant and trainer. In my interview with her (video link here), Laurie mentioned being obese most of her life. Only 5’1”, she weighed 200 pounds in junior high school. As an adult, Laurie reached 280 pounds. Concerned about her health, she was able to lose 100 pounds on her own, but then hit a wall.

Now in her 60s, Laurie has worked with a variety of healthcare professionals including trainers, functional medicine doctors, an acupuncturist, a health coach, an endocrinologist, and a nutritionist. Laurie says that she’s been given a ton of advice on what to do to lose weight but it was always such a struggle for her compared to other people.

Laurie could follow a plan to a T, but she just couldn’t get the results everyone expected. She began to feel that something about her metabolism was broken and different from other people. After years of yo-yo dieting and constant starvation, she had become so unhealthy that her hair was falling out. She also had high cholesterol and osteoporosis. She had to find the answers!

Laurie’s weight loss journey took a significant turn when she discovered the Transformer Program. Through this program, she realized that her inability to lose weight wasn’t just a simple matter of calories. With the help of a science-based customized nutrition plan and a holistic coaching approach that delved deep into her habits and lifestyle, she was able to lose 22 pounds and gain many non-scale victories.

Here are just a few of Laurie’s wins:

  • Lost 22 pounds in the Transformer Program, and even gained muscle!
  • Her bloodwork is now at normal levels.
  • She’s now enjoying foods that she’d cut out of her diet for over 10 years: dairy, carbs, gluten, etc.
  • More food freedom: Laurie is ecstatic to finally have bread and pasta guilt-free.
  • Laurie is currently eating over 1,400 calories and still losing weight! (Previously she was unable to lose weight on 1200 calories a day!)
  • She’s now able to work out 3-4 times a week and is currently training for a hiking holiday in Britain in May!

What a complete turnaround! Now, Laurie says that her goal is no longer the weight loss, but to prioritize building muscle mass and overall health! How inspiring is THAT?!

Here’s exactly how Laurie did it:

  • Laurie made a dedicated effort to understand the program lessons. Through the program and coaching, she realized that weight loss goes beyond just counting calories.
  • She followed her customized nutrition plan, even when she thought it was too much food, and tracked her macros based on her coach’s recommendation.
  • She also made a conscious effort to implement our lessons on healthy habits, such as proper hydration, daily movement, and adequate sleep.

But do you know the one thing that was the key to her success? It was releasing her past failures, trusting the process, and having confidence in her coach. With her cooperation and confidence, we were able to develop a custom plan for her that focused on improving her metabolism and overall health. By providing her with a balanced nutrition plan, she felt better and had more energy to incorporate exercise into her routine. This became the catalyst for more positive changes in her fitness and health. Now THAT is a weight loss transformation!

Laurie credits her coach’s consistent positive reinforcement, blame-free support, and gentle encouragement for her newfound confidence. She says,

“My relationship to food changed entirely and all that guilt and anxiety and shame went away. I am convinced that I have fundamentally transformed, and that consistent application of new habits and skills will get me there. I know I still have goals to accomplish but I feel confident and energized about the goals. I feel hopeful.”

Laurie’s transformational success story is truly inspiring! You can watch it here.Success Story We are overjoyed for Laurie and so grateful for the opportunity to be part of her journey.

You DESERVE to have these same results in your own life. If Laurie can do it, YOU can, too. It’s not magic, it’s the Transformer Program.
Learn more here: https://www.transformerprogram.com/signup.

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