This month I want to focus on one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you can do when it comes to getting ACTUAL results.

And this one thing will also help:

  • Your health
  • Your weight
  • Your workout/sports performance
  • Your energy levels
  • Reduce painful joints
  • The quality of your skin and hair
  • Your heart
  • Your brain function
  • Your hunger levels
  • Your ability to recover from workouts
  • How you feel now and into the future.

Big stuff, right?!

It has to do with what you EAT.

Because there’s a direct line between your food intake and EVERY one of the things on that list (plus a lot more).

This isn’t groundbreaking news. But …

There might be something specific standing in your way of putting it into action.

FACT: There’s a type of food specifically engineered to make you crave more of it.

And this food product is also crammed with some of the worst things for your body that you can eat: added sugars, unhealthy fats, salt, and loads of extra (empty!!!) calories.

It’s “Ultra-Processed Food” – cookies, chips, donuts, candy bars, sweetened cereals, sweetened granola bars, fried chicken, white bread, mashed potato flakes, etc. – and many scientists agree it can feel addictive.

And even if it’s not ACTUALLY addicting, studies have found these “foods” stimulate the reward pathways in your brain.

So, not only is this “food” NOT GOOD for you, it makes you crave even MORE of it, which can make it really hard to lose weight and keep it off.

This is a huge area of research right now.

I put quotes around “food” because it actually bears very little resemblance to real food.

Most ultraprocessed food has basically been stripped of its nutrition (fiber and micronutrients).

Sometimes, vitamins and minerals have been put back into ultraprocessed foods, which makes them a little bit healthier. Such is the case with fortified white bread and cereals. Even so, they are engineered to be tasty so you’ll eat more than the recommended serving size and this can lead to weight gain over time.

I have a LOT of great info coming for you about these “foods” and shifting away from eating them so ultraprocessed fodos make up less than 20% of your diet.

(Here at Adele Frizzell we believe in moderation, not extremes. We recommend that 80% of your diet be whole, healthy foods and 20% be treats.)

BUT how do you shift to the 80/20 rule?

FIRST … it all starts with AWARENESS.

Start paying attention to what you’re craving (and what foods you are eating).

Keep track!

Write down what you’re craving, and also when. Documenting all of this will help you find patterns – and it’s also a great way to start taking back control.

So that’s your mini-assignment for the next few days – notice the who/what/when/where/why of any cravings you have.

No judgment! Just pay attention and keep track.

Are you up for it?!

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What’s blocking you now from getting the results you wanted? Let’s talk about them in the comments below.

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